A carpet remnant can be a cheap option if you are looking to decorate your living room with a new rug. If you want to buy a new rug than you will have to pay quite some money if you want quality. If you are bound to a budget than you might not get the rug that you want and maybe settle for one that you not really like. A carpet remnant is the leftover of carper roles and because it is too small it can not be sold anymore for the same price. Because it is a left over, shop owners often sell them against reduced prices which allows you to make a good deal. Here are some tips that might help you finding a cheap remnant rug.

Tip 1) You have to consider that a shop owner wants to get rid of this ‘left over’ carpets and although there might be a price tag on them, you could still try to bargain about the price. If remnants are not sold they are often thrown away so be sure you use this knowledge to your advantage.

Tip 2) You probably have better chances on finding better deals in smaller shops because small shops because the shop owner is often the only employer and he can decide for what price he wants to sell his remnants. If you try to bargain at larger shops than you will often have to do it with employers that do not have the authority to decide about these matters.

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Tip 3) Don’t leave the shop if you can not find any remnants. Not all shop owners will showcase them and even might consider to throw them away. Ask if they have any left and if you might look in their selection.

Tip 4) Nowadays you can also buy your carpet remnants online at marketplaces like eBay. Here you will find a large collection although you want to make sure you find one that is near your own neighborhood in order to see them live before you buy them.

Tip 5) You want to make sure that when you have bought a remnant you let it bound by a binding machine. Binding the ends together will prevent the loose ends from unraveling and will keep your rug in good condition.


Source by Alex Mayor

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