Floating Hardwood Floors are engineered floors created so that they may be laid over tile. Years ago, homeowners with tile floors didn’t have this luxury. If they wanted hardwood flooring, they had to rip out the tile first, before installing hardwood flooring over a sub floor.

But times have changed and so has technology, thanks to Kahrs Wood Flooring. The European flooring giant is considered the first to offer floating hardwood floors, saving homeowners time, money, and a whole lot of hassle.

Most engineered floating floors can be secured using a tongue and groove interlocking system, or glued down. The tile floor must be swept and mopped first, and patching compound must be applied to fill in any holes or gaps. Failure to do so could cause the new floor to creak or come loose.

The floor must then be sanded and buffed. Dust and debris will need to be vacuumed after. Door casings will need to be trimmed as well. As you can see, a lot of preparation is still needed, but it’s not nearly the hassle it used to be when the old tiles once had to be demolished.

Then the floor is applied using either glue or an interlocking method. Most of Kahrs Floors support both methods, but Kahrs’ patented Woodloc Installation is the preferred method, giving a floor stability and security, without the hassle of glue and nails.

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Some favorites in Kahrs flooring collections include Kahrs American Naturals in Walnut Atlanta and Walnut Providence 1-Strip. Both colors are rich, golden browns, with Atlanta having slight reddish undertones. Both come in 5-inch planks and 9/16 thickness.

Kahrs World Naturals is the exotic version of the naturals’ collection featuring Brazilian Cherry, Jarrah, Merbau, and Kosipo. Woods in this collection come in one strip with 9/16-inch thickness or 3-strip with 5/8 thickness. Standouts in this collection include Merbau Manila and Jarrah Sydney. Merbau is a burnt sienna color, while Jarrah Sydney is a lovely shape of auburn.

Those are just some of the favorites in two of Kahrs’ many flooring lines, all catered to homeowners who have tile floors and want hardwoods. The company’s hassle-free methods continue to make it possible for families to enjoy the benefits hardwood floors without the hassle, money, and extra labor involved with pervious methods.


Source by Laine McKenna

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