From their play dates to just having an obsession to satisfy their tactile sense, newborns love leaving a trail of cream, especially diaper creams all over the floor. And if their parents, or worse yet someone else, happens to have a carpet, our imaginations can well conjure up an image of that ‘priceless’ expression.

Since caring for a newborn necessitates for you to use the product, be prepared with a few solutions to aid you in saving the carpet from the thick creamy goo. Just be quick while it’s still wet. Even if you spend hours using diaper wipes, shampooing, and blotting with soapy water, the spots will still be pretty much visible

Remove the excess by using something thin and stiff like a playing card. You can further wipe it up with a damp paper towel or cloth immediately after the spill from the tube. Be gentle in your approach as a hard wipe would make it stick more into the carpet. One household item that is useful for it is baking powder. Pour generously, wait for a few minutes (or an hour and even longer if it’s a big mess) to soak up the stain, and vacuum it. Vacuuming at this stage is recommended as it can scoop up the clumped forms of cream, oils and powder as well as the extra powder effectively. Next, spray an all-purpose cleaner onto a moist paper towel or soak it in with dish soap to rub the area where the spot is. You can scrub it with a soft toothbrush too to remove the remaining cream. Use the clean section of your towel to blot up the residue.

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Or you can do it another way. Once you have cleared away as much cream as possible with the damp cloth, you can blot it first with clean, warm water and then apply the diluted mild liquid, rub it gently in small circles to form a lather and then work on it with a clean cloth. Continue to repeat these steps until the area is spotless and then leave it to dry or speed dry it with a hair dryer if you wish to.

The Professional Cleaning Services

The home remedies should not to be your only solution though because they can only make the carpet better and not return it to its original condition. Do the prep to minimize the damage as you wait for the experts to arrive and deal with it.


Source by Nick Kollaja

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