Indoor outdoor carpet is durable carpet that is designed to withstand weather, moisture, and pool chemicals. This type of carpet is less expensive than the regular carpet. It is often used in porches, sunrooms. Play rooms, changing and mud room. In addition to Decks patios walks and pools.

The best kind of indoor out door carpet to choose is one that is made with Olefin. Carpet made with this material is usually treated so it will be stain resistant and moisture resistant. Some are even treated to protect against fading in the sun and harsh pool chemicals. This special treatment prolongs life of the carpet. Every few years the chemicals need to be reapply because over time the resistance wears down.

The higher grades of indoor outdoor carpet tend to be thicker and usually have a marine backing. The backing is important if the area you plan to use it will be exposed to high levels of moisture. This prevents mold and mildew problems.

Indoor outdoor carpet comes in a variety of colors styles and textures. The most popular seem to be the earth tone; green brown grey and black.

Outdoor plush carpets are nice for areas that are completely covered. It has a different look and feel from other types of outdoor carpets. Like the other carpet you should use higher grade for higher activities.

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Another type of indoor outdoor carpet is astro turf. It is the green stuff you see on golf courses. There are three type is Polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon. The first polyethylene is a soft material often used for play areas. Polypropylene is least expensive. It is used in golf course. Nylon works well in playgrounds and putting greens.

Outdoor carpet runners are small pieces of indoor outdoor carpet placed in entrance ways. This carpet needs to be at least 5/16″ thick. It should have a backing that keeps it in place and prevents people from slipping. It like the other carpet should be treated to prevent stains and moisture builds up.

Before purchasing compare density and backing. The thicker the carpet the longer it will last and it will feel better to walk across. Make sure it has a moisture barrier if there is any chance that it will get wet. You would want to choose a higher quality thicker carpet if you plan to use it in areas with a lot of activities.


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