If you’re thinking that it’s a better option to buy carpets online, think hard.

Now that the internet is so well established, buying a carpet online has become more accessible and much easier. But is it really so convenient?

For online carpet retailers to prosper they have to offer substantial discounts to make it work, and pay.

They may be able to keep their costs down if they can get your order drop shipped by the manufacturer or wholesaler. Otherwise, they will need storage facilities, and therefore have big overheads, just like a bricks and mortar retailer.

Because an important part of the service to a consumer is missing – sample inspection and one-to-one advice, usually their unique attraction is – cheaper pricing.

7 Steps to a Better Price

Here are 7 steps to apply that will put this to good advantage:

1. Find a well established online carpet retailer, bookmark them, and then search online to see if there are any dissatisfied customers that have used their service. Study the retailer’s performance, good and bad, to be sure whether it may be worth doing business with them.

2. If the online retailer offers well known carpet brands, you’re in luck. Now it will be easy to compare prices elsewhere. Make a note of the carpet you’re interested in.

3. Go through the motions of selecting and placing the order for your carpet. You may get as far as the shopping cart, but then hold fire – don’t complete the order. Make sure the delivery charge and any taxes are included in the final price.

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4. Now, armed with all the details of the carpet you might want to buy, print out the web page and take it along to your local carpet retailer.

5. Explain to the carpet retailer that you have researched how to buy a carpet online and ask if they are able to match or better the price.

6. While there, take advantage of being able to inspect the samples instore and get advice from the salesman about the right quality for your needs.

7. If it all feels right, arrange for a measure and then get an estimate from them, in writing. Make sure the pricing is on a like-for-like basis.

Combining your research online with the retailer’s advice should provide you with tangible quality, a local service, best value, transaction security, overall satisfaction and peace of mind.

There it is – how to buy a carpet online. Use the online information to plan your carpet discount then buy it from your local carpet supplier.

Of course, you could work this the other way round.

Get a price locally, go online to compare, and then go back to the retailer for a better price.

Whichever way you do it, you are bound to find the best price for you.


Source by Peter Tozer

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