So what is the best way to save money on your next carpet purchase?

If you are looking to get the best savings possible on your next carpet purchase (we all want the best deal right?), you have just a few options. Option one is the traditional method of doing your research, selecting the style, type and color, and then shopping around locally and on the web for the best price for your selection. The second option, is an option, not often considered and overlooked, buying a piece of carpet that is considered an off good, overrun, second, or even a closeout. If you’re willing to do a little more work and effort the second option can pay huge dividends!

If you’re willing to consider looking at carpet that is not first quality or a running line product, then you are in for a treat. You can save up to 70% on your flooring purchase by looking at these types of carpet. There are several types of these special deals. Seconds and off goods are generally considered the same thing. Seconds and off goods are carpet products that are generally off color, or may have an irregular pattern. You may also run into seconds that have a streak (a line slightly darker or lighter than the normal color). Speaking of streaks, don’t be afraid of all streaks. If the streak or line is light, you will probably never see it once it is installed in your home and you have furniture, plants, tables, etc on top of the carpet. Seconds and off goods can also have a line of yarn that may have been pulled too tight or too loose. The structure and performance are not affected by these flaws and will hold up just as well as first quality products. Be careful though, some retailers may claim a product is a second when in fact it is a third. Thirds often have primary or secondary backing issues and these can cause performance or installation issues sometimes. Generally, if the backing is not separating from the carpet, it is probably OK.

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Overruns are typically goods that were produced and then not purchased, or manufactured using forecasts and then not sold. These products end up at retailers (generally in Dalton, Ga) at a fraction of the cost of standard carpet, therefore passing the savings along to you. Promotional goods are like a test and trial. Manufacturers will do short runs of a new product in the marketing test phase. They will price these sometimes at lower price points to see how the market reacts. Sometimes the promotional style becomes a running line, sometimes it doesn’t.

Closeouts can range from bankruptcy sales of retailers, wholesalers to cases of when a manufacturer decides a product has reached the end of it’s marketable life. In these cases, retailers can buy large lots of carpet at deeply discounted prices and pass along the savings to consumers.

When looking at purchasing seconds, off goods, promotional goods, or closeouts, be sure to find out the real story on the carpet. Also, make sure to look at a sample. If it is local, have the roll opened up and see if you can find if there is a defect or flaw. If you have found a deal over the web, have a sample sent and see if the dealer will open the roll and take pictures for you to show you why it is a second or other non first quality product.

If you are uncomfortable buying a non-first quality carpet, that’s OK! You can still shop around for the best deal on what you want. For those willing to put forth just a little more time and effort, a huge savings is waiting in the form of seconds, promotional, and off goods. As a tip, be sure to call the retailer and let them know you are looking for a deal and willing to consider seconds, promotional goods, etc.


Source by Eric M Dyer

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