It seems everyone wants the lowest price for the best valued product, so why would carpet be any different? Well, it isn’t. But there’s more to good carpet than just the price; like fiber, cut or pile, padding and the type of environment you’re expecting the carpet to withstand.

When thinking about pricing, there’s much more to consider than just the carpet itself. You have to figure in removal (if you currently have carpet you want removed), installation, and stain treatments. As far as installation goes, as a rule of thumb, you can usually add an additional $1 per square foot for installation.

That’s a safe bet to think about when trying to figure out how much carpet is going to cost you when shopping and looking at the price per square foot. Before you go shopping for carpet, you should have a good idea of how many square feet you’re going to need. Let’s say you have 1500 square feet and you see a carpet that is priced at $2.50 a square foot. Just add a $1 making it $3.50 a square foot and take that times 1500 which would be $5,250.

There are some things to think about besides price however; like composition and durability. Wool is generally the most expensive and you can find more reasonably priced carpets that are synthetic like nylon. The different types are acrylic, wool, olefin, nylon, and polyester. Because of it’s ability to withstand high traffic, nylon is the most common.

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If you’re purchasing carpet to simply sell your home, there’s something you really want to think about. It’s important to get a neutral color. You might not think this is the best idea, but think about it. When a potential buyer enters your home, the last thing you want being a topic of conversation is the carpet. You might not think this makes sense, but you want the conversation to be on the unique features of your home.

Good carpet is much like a great background singer, it really adds to the overall feel of the song, but you really don’t notice it’s there. The lead singer is you’re home and it’s unique features like kitchen, bedrooms, vaulted ceilings, etc. You don’t want them to not like the color you chose and immediately the conversation begins in about the carpet color. Get something neutral and not the cheapest you can find either.


Source by Jay Bablestone

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