Filing claims for carpet with insurance agencies are usually not common. When you file a complaint against the manufacturers, an inspector will inspect the site; scrutinize the reason for the problem in the carpet, floor covering, and installation faults. An unprejudiced carpet inspector is required to examine the problem. The inspector will act in accordance with the law and prepares a detailed report about the exact problems. Checking the smell, color and texture of the carpet will help to identify the problems easily.

Most of the complaints usually arise at the installation time. If you have a problem with carpet, first you inform to the retailer, with whom you purchased the carpet. The retailer sends a sales person to the installation site. Normally retailer will try to fix the issue at the very next moment without any dispute with the consumer.

If the retailers cause any problem in solving the issue he may contact to the concerned manufacturer. Manufacturers send their representatives to inspect the site and examine the issue. A third party inspector can also be appointed to inspect situation. He can also give an unbiased report on behalf of the problem. 3-6 weeks may require getting an exact report from the third party inspectors. You should always file the claim to the retailer with the documents of the carpet like purchase invoice, warranty/guarantee card, installation report, and sample of the damaged carpet.

The manufacturers/retailers may agree to replace the new carpet with the old damaged carpets. In such cases treat the new carpet installation as important as the previous installation. Always check replaced carpets for damages at the retailer’s site. You must complain if you find any fault while the installation or at the time of purchase.

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Almost in all the cases, the insurers ask concerned retailers to replace the damaged carpets. The third party inspectors are paid by the party who is making the request. Consumer can reimburse the charges once the claim is in favor of him.

Before filing the claim you should verify the policies of the manufactures/retailers about the claim. The claim process and procedures can proceed only as per the policies of the manufacturer. Claims will be admitted only if the carpets are used and installed as per the policies of the manufacturer. All claims for the visible defects can be reported to the insurer within 30 days of installation. All the manufacturing defects should be filed within 12 months, during the warranty period. Claims are not allowed if the damage happened from the improper care from the consumer.

The replacement of carpet can be made through the Carpet Federation Member. They will deal with the replacement pricing, technical specification, installation etc, of the replaced carpets. Consumers can complain to FSA if the insurance persons are not treating as they should do. Complaints against the retailers related to the claim can be given to the insurers.


Source by Imran Al

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