A good carpet cleaner is a wonderful. It can literally transform an old and ugly carpet that looks like it needs to be replaced into one that looks nearly new. Many people have tried one as a last resort before replacing a carpet and simply been amazed at the results. Carpet cleaners are not expensive, and you can rent or buy them. Which choice is right for you?

If you buy a machine, and very decent machines are available for around $100 to $150 and up, you will need to store it somewhere. Do you have the room? We have plenty of room but our machine, despite being in a large basement, always seems to be in the way. Also if you have any problems, despite decent warranties on most machines, you still need to deal with the repair somehow.

These good consumer machines will pay for themselves fairly quickly, certainly compared to rentals or hiring professionals. Also you may use them more often and have a cleaner and better looking home if you own one. However they will not be as powerful as a rental unit, so even people who own them occasional rent machines for deep or whole house cleaning.

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If you rent, you get a powerful machine that will work phenomenally well. Remember you still will need to buy the cleaning products to use with it, perhaps a general purpose cleaner, spot cleaner, and maybe a special purpose cleaner, for example for urine if you own cats or a puppy.

I own a machine that I’m extremely happy with, and also occasionally rent, perhaps every 2-3 years for a deep and whole house cleaning.


Source by Harold Baldwin

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