An inexpensive carpet cleaner solution is one of the best ways to keep your carpet clean. The carpet cleaner solutions should be something that actually works and cost really less. The carpet cleaner solution that I will be telling you about today can be made under 10 dollars and it can be used for 6 months of cleaning. I have successfully used it for a long time and I assure you that it will help you to keep your carpet as good as new. Read on to find out how this cleaner is made and how to effectively use it to clean your carpets.

First of all you must vacuum your carpet thoroughly so that you can get rid of the loose dirt on the carpet. The first thing that you will need is oxygen cleaner. There are plenty of oxygen cleaners available in the market and I do not want to specify any brands because the one that is the cheapest will work perfect as well. Uses a 1/2 scoop of oxygen cleaner mixed with warm water and spray it over stains and over the cleaning areas and let it soak for about 5 minutes.

The next step includes shampooing the carpet. Now the trick to using shampoo is that you must let it rest on the carpet for a few minutes so that it has the time to clean the stains which will definitely give you the best results when you remove the shampoo. Now that you have removed the shampoo from the carpet, you must make sure that you get as much as water out of the carpet as you possibly can. If there are any stains still left, go over them again and repeat the process.

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Now that you have removed all of the water from the carpet now is the time to vacuum the carpet and to see if there are any stains left on the carpet. Sometimes the stains lay deep inside the carpet and you may have to go over it two or three times to get the stain out of the carpet. At the end you will be amazed to see the results from the use of carpet cleaner solution.

The use of carpet cleaner solution is the best way to keep your carpet new at a very low cost that is almost nothing. So make sure that you follow these steps to make the best carpet cleaner solution to clean your carpets in the best possible manner.


Source by Ray Peterson

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