These days, carpet cleaning is one of the most popular home businesses. As the name suggests, your duties are shampooing and cleaning the carpets for homes and companies by using special equipments. You can concentrate in cleaning homes or apartments and grow to service commercial businesses such as restaurants, malls, hotels, and so on.

Starting up a carpet cleaning service can make you earn a lot as your own boss. You can put up this business with as low as $1000. You can rent out the equipments needed and use your own vehicle for transportation needs. In order to reduce your costs, it is best to purchase your supplies at whole sale prices. If you want to know more about shampoo machine and other equipments, you can surf online and get the information you need. Yes, the internet serves as a huge market place for all of us, you can check out anything you want on the internet.

When putting up carpet cleaning service, you have to get a business license. You can contact your county recorder’s office to ask how to apply for business license. You’ll have to get a bond as well. It is best to think about a great business name. In creating a carpet cleaning business name, you have to make it short but memorable. You can also use your name as your business name. It is up to you; just make sure it will mark to customer’s mind. When you start a carpet cleaning service, you have to assure that you have all your legal requirements met and done.

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There are lots of ways to reach your customers and to market your carpet cleaning service. The fastest and most effective way is word-of-mouth. But there are also other ways to advertise your business, you can place an ad on your local newspapers, you can create and distribute fliers, and distribute business cards. You do not have to spend so much money in marketing your business; you can create fliers and business cards at your own computer and colored printer. You can ask your family and friends to help you distribute fliers and business cards.

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