Bonnet cleaning is preferable than any other carpet cleaning methods. The advantages of bonnet cleaning are rapid cleaning time, short drying time and minimal wicking of stains. This cleaning process also helps to prevent the growth of mold and mildew by removing all the dirt and moisture content form our carpets. We have to thoroughly vacuum all the area to be cleaned before the cleaning process starts. Bonnet cleaning is a very simple and easy method which includes the use of absorbing pads.

In this method, we have to place a bonnet at the base of the buffer. After dipping this arrangement into a shampoo solution, we must allow it to move through the surface of the carpet which has to be cleaned. One of the disadvantages of this method is that it may cause pile distortion and fiber damage. These damages occur due to the friction between the bonnet and carpet. Therefore, care must be taken to keep the bonnet and the carpet to be damp for the smooth movement of bonnet through the surface of the carpet. In order to provide this motion, the bonnet has to be attached to a low speed rotary floor machine. When the bonnet moves through the surface of the stained carpet material, all the stains are absorbed by the bonnet. We have to repeat this cleaning procedure till there is no transfer of soils from the carpet to the bonnet. When the bonnet is soiled to its peak level, we have to remove all the soils from it by washing deeply. After the dirt removal, the bonnet can be reused. The carpet has to be dried by vacuuming after the dirt removal process. The drying time of a typical carpet is about 30 minutes. Short drying time property of this method helps to bring back our cleaned carpet into its normal stage immediately.


Source by Jaison J Te

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