The amount of money you pay for cleaning your carpet is entirely up to you. In order to decide how much, you will need to ask yourself some questions, like:

Should I do it myself?
Do I want just a quick, cheap carpet cleaning, or do I want a really good cleaning job?
Do I care about the carpet manufacturers recommendations? Do I need to meet their warranty requirements?
Do I need to have a guarantee on the job that is done?
Am I allergic to certain cleaning materials?
Do I need to have environmentally friendly products and procedures?
What kind of carpet cleaners do I want in my home? Unscreened? Neophytes? Experienced, Certified professionals?
How clean do I want my carpets to be?

Clearly, the cheapest way would be for you to do it yourself, but you ought to be aware of the pitfalls. I clean my own carpet, but then, I am a professional carpet cleaner, and so I know what the pros and cons are. If you take the time to learn something about carpet cleaning, then you might save some money by doing it yourself, especially if you vacuum frequently, and are only doing light maintenance cleaning.

Most carpet cleaning websites offer free tips about carpet maintenance and cleaning. You might also visit the

website of The Carpet and Rug Institute for comprehensive information about all aspects of carpet care. Ultimately though, the time will come when you will just have to bite the bullet, and call in a professional,if you want to have clean carpets and a healthy home environment.

Carpet warranties can save the day, if a relevant situation arises, but you will have had to comply with the manufacturer’s requirements. Take the time to read these instructions for your newly installed carpeting, and be diligent in following them. At a minimum, most manufacturers recommend a deep steam cleaning in addition to routine maintenance, at least once every 18 months.

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The best carpet cleaning companies will always offer a guarantee on their services. If they cannot clean to your satisfaction, your money will be returned without further obligation. Remember however, that in order to do this, their operation must be professionally organized and control, and thus, will come at a higher cost to you than that of a “fly-by-night” operator.

A good carpet cleaning company, will be able to offer hypoallergenic reagents, and will be proficient in their use and applications. Ask about this. Although it may cost more, it will be worth it if you suffer from any kind of allergies.

Many people nowadays, are very sensitive to environmental issues. It is important to maintain a healthy indoor and outdoor environment both by using appropriate natural organic chemicals, and also by using proper carpet cleaning procedures. Again, many carpet cleaners will charge more for this service. Sometimes they will charge a lot more. You have to decide for yourself how much this will be worth to you.

Carpet cleaners are often required to enter the most private inner sanctums of your home or office. What kind of person would you be comfortable to have there? A cheap carpet cleaning company will usually employ cheap labor without a background check, and therefore impose unnecessary risks on you and your family. Stay away from that.

Finally, if you want the cleanest carpet you can find, get the best professional carpet cleaners you can find. Of course, there are levels and layers in between, but again, you will need to decide for yourself.

The industry experts have determined that the national average price for carpet cleaning is about 30 cents per square foot. Basic prices that I am aware of, range from about 12 cents to over 75 cents per square foot for residential carpet.

Do the research and evaluations, then make your choice.


Source by Victor Nugent

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