There are many carpet cleaning companies competing for attention and business and claiming to offer services above and beyond everyone else. In reality there are only a handful of important elements to consider when choosing the carpet cleaner for you.

1. Your carpet. Look around carefully, is your carpet stained? Do you have kids, pets, and high traffic through your space? If so you may look into a cleaner that specializes in these areas, at the very least mention these concerns when inquiring about their services. Maybe you’re extremely neat and your carpets don’t appear to be that dirty. Typically there are certain types of dirt, allergens, and debris that can only be removed by deep steaming. A quick steam cleaning is beneficial, even if it is only done twice a year.

2. Additional services. Often cleaners will offer to also clean upholstery or include other services with your carpet cleaning. Consider beforehand if these are necessary, and if so make sure that the price is fair and competitive to the industry and that the cleaning crew is trained and experienced in providing these additional services.

3. Legitimacy. Because anyone can buy or acquire various carpet cleaning tools and machines, it is important to look into the business you are considering. How long have they been operating? What kind of training does their staff have, and separately what kind of experience does their staff have? If possible, visit their website. Look online for customer reviews. Ask them if their business and staff are certified with the IICRC, or the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This non-profit organization specializes in the training of the science of carpet cleaning. If they are not IICRC certified, or cannot tell you what the IICRC is, you should look elsewhere.

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4. Customer protection. Ask if they are insured. Should something unfortunate occur, it is important to know what your protections are. Also inquire about the cleaning process. What steps will they take to protect walls from run ins with cleaning equipment? You may also want to inquire about the companies hiring practices, since you will be allowing members of the staff into your home.

5. The cleaning process. Typical cleanings consist of pre vacuuming, applying a spotting agent to spills or soils, spraying the area with a detergent that will loosen dirt and grime, possible scrubbing or agitation on areas requiring extra attention, steaming with hot water and cleaning solution, and finally grooming the carpet to allow for appropriate drying. If a company’s cleaning technique does not include at least the list above, you should inquire elsewhere to ensure that the job is being done accurately.

No one of these steps is more important than the next, and they should all be taken into account when looking for a carpet cleaner. The first cleaning will tell you a lot, and be sure to ask about any guarantees of money back or re-cleaning should you not be satisfied. A competent and capable carpet cleaning company should be prepared for these questions, and should accommodate all your needs and concerns.


Source by Doug Meehan

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