Truck mount carpet cleaning equipment is widely used in the residential carpet cleaning industry. These machines are powerful and portable thereby allowing even the smallest company to deliver professional steam extraction cleaning. The most popular machines are the slide-in models. Let’s take a look at what makes them so popular.

Slide-in truck mounts slide into the van and are bolted to the floor. They are powered by a motor that is directly attached to the cleaning machine. Other models e.g. direct drive models, use the vans engine as their source of power giving them more power but less flexibility. While powerful machines can have many more bells and whistles, even the smallest truck mount equipment can professionally clean most carpets.

The flexibility of being a stand alone unit has some useful benefits. Carpet cleaning companies can use a particular truck mount in any van they choose (as long as it’s big enough). This allows them to upgrade the van or the cleaning machine independently should one wear out before the other. It also allows for upgrading your cleaning equipment as your business grows without having to purchase a new van.

They’re also able to leverage used equipment when the truck mount is not dependent on the carpet cleaning van. This helps smaller operators who can start small with minimal capital outlay and grow into larger machines. The market for used truck mounts is fairly large and crosses the country. Of course, you have to be careful when purchasing used equipment to insure you get the reliability you need.

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You also have the ability to use different brands of truck mounts when using slide-in models. Not being tied to a specific vendor means you can shop for the best equipment for your business. It also helps insure you get cleaning equipment that can be locally serviced.

Finally, slide-ins can also be mounted into box trucks if you need more room for your cleaning equipment. Some carpet cleaners prefer box trucks just because they have more room to move around. Other companies offer cleaning services besides carpets and need to carry additional equipment.

Slide-in truck mounts are the work horse machines in the carpet cleaning business. While the direct drive models are perfectly suited to the job, their close integration with the van limits their flexibility. Slide-in models do not have this limitation. Their flexibility can help a young business grow at its own pace.


Source by Mike Dinicola

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