By far most carpet cleaning companies are honest. Many are Ma and Pa run companies that do a great job. Just like every industry there are clear signs to watch out for.

If the Price is too good to be true it probably is

When you are told that they will clean each room for $10.00 most likely there is a catch. The average room should cost between 30-50 dollars if not a little more. When they say $10.00 it most likely is just a quick clean and when they get there they will tell you that pre-treater is .30 cents a square foot. Often times they may offer to clean an area for free to show you what they can do. They will pick a spot in the center of the room and clean it well. If you decide not to go with them then you will have a nice clean spot in the middle of your room that will stick out from the rest of the carpet. You are better of just going with a company that is honest with their prices.

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Many companies offer a guarantee but be sure to read the fine print. You may find out that if they leave a spot or two behind they will come back out and clean it but a surge charge may apply. Also make they have an established reputation. If there is a problem they may not be there tomorrow.


Many companies offer coupons and it is a great way to build up clientele. However always read the fine print. Some coupons will say they will clean any room for $10.00 but in the fine print it will read up to 100 square feet. Have you ever heard of a room only being 100 square feet. They then charge an extra amount for every additional hundred.

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Source by Jacob Erdei

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