If you have got a difficult stain on your carpet, you may be tempted to pull up the floor covering, go to your local carpet dealership and buy yourself a new carpet. However, there are alternatives available to you, including professional carpet cleaning. Before you make any decisions, you should consider the pros and cons of carpet cleaning vs. carpet replacement:

Carpet replacement

Getting a new carpet can be a very exciting prospect, and it will give you the opportunity to completely transform your room. Whether you choose a carpet which is the same color as your old one, or whether you decide on something completely different, getting a new mat can give your room a new lease of life. You may even decide to buy the same mat, if your old favorite is still available. However, if you decide to opt for carpet replacement, you will probably end up spending a lot of money. Good quality carpets can have a high price per square foot, meaning that you may end up spending a fortune if your room is larger.

If you decide to get a new carpet, you should also consider the time and money which you will need to spend on the fitting process. If you have a room with unusual dimensions, the carpet fitters may even charge you more!

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Carpet Cleaning

If you have chosen the carpeting in your room, the chances are that you like that carpet, and may not want to get rid of it. Carpet cleaning can help to restore your mat to its former glory. Cleaners will usually treat the entire mat, rather than just the affected area, so they can ensure that there is not a “clean patch” where the stain was, surrounded by carpet which has been affected by everyday dirt. Even if your whole carpet is treated, it will usually cost much less than it would to buy a whole new carpet, and have it installed. The mat cleaning process is also much less time consuming than the process of laying a mat would be.

Carpet cleaning is also a fantastic option if you are not in a position to have a carpet replacement, for example, if you are living in rented accommodation and the mat which is stained is actually the property of the landlord. Professional cleaning can help to remove food stains, pet odors and water damage which may have otherwise prevented you from getting your security deposit back.


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