Replacing or installing carpet in your home can be a fairly expensive endeavor if you either don’t know someone who has experience with carpet installation or don’t want to do it yourself. Even if you are able to find carpet for cheap, which is certainly possible, installation can cost a small fortune. Although it may be more convenient to use the “one stop shop” approach to carpet installation that includes the carpet, padding, carpet removal and the installation itself, you might save a significant amount of money having the installation done separately. Instead of having whomever you buy carpet from do the installation as well, it can be cheaper to contact an installer directly and try to work out a deal.

Prices for carpet installation generally run three to four dollars per square yard, in addition to about.50 per yard for removal and another.50 for the padding. Try to get a variety of quotes and bids. Compare what the carpet store would charge to do everything themselves with what it would cost for the carpet and padding alone. Ask if it would be possible to use their dumpsters to dispose of the old carpet that you remove yourself if you buy the new carpet and padding from them. Some carpet stores tend to be surprisingly cooperative. After all, they will be still be making money even if you have someone else do the installation.

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Carpet pricing and installation is similar to most things; you will pretty much be getting what you’re paying for. If carpet or padding is unusually cheap it’s probably because it’s cheaply made and likely to wear out faster than more quality material. How much one is willing to spend on carpeting can vary according to what their purposes are. Someone who is installing carpet in a house they are about to sell, for example, is more likely to skimp on quality in order to save money. Conversely, someone who has found a house they are interested in buying is not likely to change their mind just because the carpet is cheap. They will probably view installing carpet as something that can be done later.

Like most things, the cost of carpet installation can vary from company to company. It can be quite helpful to get advice from friends and family members and find out what companies they have used. Was the company they bought carpet from responsible for installation as well? Did the friend or family member do any of the work themselves? Such inquiries can save you a considerable amount of money. Of course, it is always wise to choose a company that has decent credentials, honest business practices, and treats you respectfully.


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