First let me start by answering the question, what is remnant carpet?

Imagine someone is carpeting their entire house from wall to wall. That’s a big project. Chances are there’s going to be some carpet left over. Well, the carpet company can’t do much with the left over pieces and the person who just finished carpeting their house is already happy. So what do you do with the left over carpet? Well the company sells it at cheap prices.

This is where the wheels in your head should start to turn!

You should be saying to yourself, “I can get cheap carpet, how can I exploit this?”

Well there are a lot of uses for the left over carpet. I have made a list of only 17 popular uses to help you get your creative juices flowing.

Uses for remnant carpet:

Small rooms:

Area Rug – you can custom make your own rug to fit your specific needs
Cut into small rugs for time out or kid activities
Use small pieces under heavy furniture to reduce scratching and damage to your floor
On walls for sound proofing a garage
Make a creative design by cutting out various pieces either on the floor or a wall
Car floor mats
Under indoor, potted plants
Knee pads for gardening or mopping
Yoga Mat
In your garage under the car to catch oil and save the garage floor
Under blender or food processor to reduce noise
Carpet you attic- Yes, I did this. Yes, my kids thought it was the coolest fort ever! Yes, I thought it was the hottest fort ever.

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This is not an all-encompassing list. You are only limited by your creativity. You may use this list as a springboard for your own artistic ideas. Or, you can go off in a completely different direction and design something totally new. In fact, as I’m writing this I just got the craziest idea that I probably shouldn’t repeat.

Well, the last thing I want you to know about remnant carpet is that it’s not hard to get your hands on. Most carpet stores have them. Hotels have them every time they remodel. Yes, it’s common for hotels to remodel. I’m sure if you look around on the internet for carpet stores in your area you’ll find several carpet stores and I’ll bet most of them sell carpet. Then look at the Google ads on the side of the page and many of them also post incredible discounts there. Happy searching and creating!


Source by Jeff Garn

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