Carpet specials are a super way to get a deal on carpeting for your new home or if you are redecorating. Flooring for a home is one of the largest purchases a consumer will make other than the house itself and a car. If you want the plush feel of carpet underneath you feet, you can search high and low for the right product. There are many running line products that you can pick from at the local home improvement store or a local dealer but the best way to save money and get an excellent floor is to find a true carpet special. A carpet special can be one of several things. If you know what different versions of carpet specials are, you can shop with knowledge and save yourself up to 60 or 70%. Carpet deals and specials are out there in the market in the forms of factory overruns, promotional goods, specialty small runs, closeouts and discontinued goods.

Factory overruns are an ideal find if you run across them. Major manufacturers will build up inventory according to market projections and forecasts. If the inventory doesn’t sell quickly enough, the mills will discount these carpets at a significant savings to large wholesalers to empty space for more goods that are needed. The great advantage of factory overruns is that these are first quality, running line carpet specials at a discount. In some cases the wholesalers, sell this carpet to smaller dealers and in other cases, the carpet wholesaler sells these flooring deals directly to the public. As in all cases of carpet specials, the best bet is to find the wholesaler and purchase from them if possible to get the best bang for the buck.

Promotional goods are short term carpet specials used to test the water with a product. For example, a manufacturer may decide to see how well a new shag or frieze with a new twist in the yarn will do in the marketplace. The manufacturer gets to see how the new product sells and test new manufacturing processes. In turn, the wholesalers and consumers get a very good deal on the product. Sometimes these products become running lines, sometimes they don’t. Usually only a select, few carpet wholesalers in each region get access to these promotional carpet products.

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Specialty small runs are a carpet special that is the backbone of the carpeting and flooring industry. Often a large wholesaler can have custom manufactured a style of carpet that is unique to anything else offered by major carpet mills. There are still quite a few smaller mills left that cater to these small, short quantity carpet orders. In some cases, a the wholesaler may contract out to a smaller mill to manufacture a custom style in quantities of 40 or 50 rolls. By working with smaller manufacturing, the prices can be held to lower levels than normal. These savings can translate into a carpet special that is both unique and money saving.

Discontinued specials and closeouts are one of the best opportunities to get a large savings. Carpet styles don’t last forever, When a carpet style has reached the end of it’s maturity and newer products are being developed, the existing inventory still has to be sold. In similar fashion to overruns, the carpet prices are slashed to the flooring wholesalers who then absorb all of the remaining inventory. These specials are still first quality and sometimes may still carry a warranty.


Source by Eric M Dyer

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