Many consumers are lured in by the promises of cheap carpeting by certain retailers. They believe that they can secure a great deal on cheap carpeting and not have to sacrifice anything in return. However, with some further examination you will soon realize that you get what you pay for in the carpet industry. Here are the basics of cheap carpet and what it really means to you as a consumer.

When looking at carpet, you should know that there are a few different factors that drive the price of a piece of carpet. One of the most important factors in the pricing is the fiber that it is made out of. There are several different carpet fibers that you can choose from and some are more expensive than others. For example, two of the most popular carpet fibers for many years now are polyester and nylon. As a general rule, polyester is going to be less expensive than nylon. Carpet fibers will also perform differently from one another. When you purchase a nylon carpet you are going to get a much better wearing carpet that will not mat down as easily. However, some retailers would have you believe that there is no difference between a piece of polyester carpet and a piece of nylon carpet. They just want you to purchase from them and they try to sell you the cheapest thing possible. Be aware that you should only compare carpets that are the same carpet fiber when shopping around.

Another factor that drives the price of carpeting is the warranty behind it. Not all carpet of the same carpet fiber is made equally. When a carpet company puts a longer warranty on a piece of carpet it is because they feel that it will hold up longer than a piece of carpet with a short warranty. This does not necessarily mean that your 25 your carpet is going to last for exactly 25 years. However, it will hold up much better over the long-term than a carpet with a five-year warranty. In order to put a longer warranty on a piece of carpet, the carpet manufacture is going to have to charge more for it. The warranty is somewhat of a marketing tool in order to appeal to customers that the value durability over everything else. Therefore, you will have to pay more for a carpet with a longer warranty. Keep in mind that the warranty on the carpet is only as good as the company that sells it to you. If you are dealing with a large national retailer, you should not have any qualms about the warranty. However, if you are dealing with a small local store, they might be out of business when you need to file a warranty claim.

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When shopping for carpet, keep in mind that cheap carpeting is not necessarily the best way to go. Cheap carpeting is usually cheap for a reason. If you just need to get something on the floor, it can work great. However, if you want it to hold up, you might have to pay a little more.


Source by Allen Taigom

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