If you have a garage, you should do what it takes to make it more effective, durable, and functional. It is fine to just leave the floor of your garage floor on bare cement. But still, you should consider adding even a cheap garage floor covering to it to make it last longer.

And you have a lot of options when it comes to floor coverings for garages. While some options may be a little too expensive, there are others that are quite affordable. People on a budget should be able to find a functional garage floor covering that perfectly fits their finances. Here are good suggestions:

1. Paint

The cheapest garage floor covering option yet is paints. There are two types of paints that can be used on garage floors – epoxy paints and latex paints. When it comes to the per square feet installation value, paints would cost the least against all other alternatives. Even if you have a garage as big as an Olympic-size swimming pool, you would only need six to ten large cans of epoxy paint to cover the entire area. If you want a thicker layer of paint for added protection, just get more cans. The only downside of using paints for garage floors is that it is a little too hard to apply. You need to clean your garage floor with a pressure washer before applying the paint. Painting garage floors would also take you a full day, as paints takes time to dry.

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2. Mats

You can use mats as a garage floor covering as well. Mats are the next best candidates because they are durable and easy to install. They also provide friction in your garage, thereby reducing the instances of slips and falls. There are different types of mats available in the market today. And they vary according to materials, design, and price.

3. Tiles

If you don’t want either paints or tiles in your garage, go for the tiles option. There are metal tiles and peel-off tiles that are especially marketed as garage floor covers. Depending on your budget, get the tiles that would match the look and feel you want to give your garage.

These are the different cheap options of garage floor covering that you can take advantage of. By investing on them, you are actually adding value and functionality to your garage and your entire home in general.


Source by Sal Farzin

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