Finding a cheap used Oriental rug can save you money while adding tremendous beauty to the interior of your home. The number one goal of anyone looking to get an oriental rug that is used should be to find the highest quality product for the cheapest possible price. Buying one cheap does not have to mean that the rug has to be old, shabby, and beat up. In fact it is quite the opposite. When you know the right places to look you can actually find a great Oriental rug that will last you for years. Let’s look at a few of the most popular places for people to get discounted rugs.


This is an excellent place to start. eBay has lots of vendors who selling their own home goods. Some even run a full time home business selling things such as rugs, carpets, and lots of other interior accessories. The biggest downside to buying something on eBay is that you don’t get to touch it until it get delivered to your home. Before you buy, be sure to look at the consumer rating for each vendor to make sure that other customers have given them positive feedback.

Online Stores

There are lots of places online that sell Oriental rugs. You can almost always find some excellent prices when you look around enough. You may even find a brand new rug that fits perfectly into your price range. As with eBay, the only real downside is that you do not get to touch or feel it ahead of time.

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Local Vendors and Flea Markets

You can usually find a lot of great quality area rugs when you look locally. The good thing about this is that you can meet the person who made the rug and get a feel for its quality before you buy it. You can also find many other types of rugs other than Orientals that you may find you like even better. Finding one that is made locally also increases the chance that it is handmade. Some people feel that handmade rugs carry a higher sentimental value because they were produce with more care than commercial ones.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Orientals…

There are other types of area rugs that are similar to Oriental rugs. These include names such as Centra Asian, Kurdish, Anatolian, Chinese, and Tibetan rugs. You may find some of these styles to be unique and different enough that they may fit you taste just fine.

Cheap Oriental rugs can be the perfect accent for just about any room in your home. This includes your living room, den, kitchen, bedroom, and more. They can add lots of beauty and value without breaking the bank. When you find the right one you will enjoy its beauty for many years to come.


Source by Charles Mullin

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