Stair treads are pieces of fabric designed for wooden staircases in order to help protect the wood from wearing away due to daily use. They also provide additional traction for the feet, thus minimizing the chances of slipping and falling. They are placed on each step of the stairway, and are much narrower than the wooden step to allow wood to become visible on each end, which makes them different from stair-runners. A stair runner is a long piece of fabric or carpet that is placed along the entire length of the stairs, which completely covers its every step.

Choosing the material for your stair rugs and treads is very important because it is more visible than the carpet placed on the floor. It is positioned at eye level, above eye level, and below eye level. Chances are anyone will be able to clearly see the material, which is a great plus. Therefore, you should make sure that you buy nothing but high-quality material for them, not only because the rug is positioned at a more visible place but also because it would be very useful since it is placed in a narrow part of your home.

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Furthermore, you should also keep in mind that a carpet may have a different appearances and effects when used with treads or runners because the carpet won’t be as flat as it would be on the floor. It would bend according to the position of the steps of the staircases. Some carpets even easily show their backside when used on the steps. Staircases are also one of the most frequently stepped on area, which means them a high traffic location, so you should expect the carpets placed on them to easily wear out, more than the the regular floor carpeting.


Source by Nancy Davies

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