The installation of stair carpet runners are typically for the protection of the staircase and aesthetic reasons. If you already have a beautiful wooden staircase that is either straight up or circular, there is nothing more elegant than adding a carpet runner to finish out the elaborate look. The protection that a carpet runner renders the beautiful wood located at the center of the staircase where the highest amount of wear and tear happens is by far the best way to retain the value of the woodwork of your staircase. Using a carpet runner as a design element can be very easy because there are endless variety of sizes, materials, colors, and patterns to choose from.

Finding the perfect fitting runner is actually quite simple. Runners are sold in standard sizes and can also be custom ordered to fit the exact measurement of your staircase. Styles vary from traditional to modern and everything in between. Match the colors to other design elements in your home or choose a solid color like black or gray that can match just about any décor. Some indoor outdoor rugs and carpet materials are more durable than others so it is wise to keep quality at the top of your priority list when shopping. Many of us place priority on the way something looks rather than how long the product will last and if the price reflects the quality of the product. There are many types of carpet materials that look good but may not be as durable as you think.

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Most stair carpet runners come with a quality backing that can withstand many years of wear and fair very well with frequent vacuuming or steam cleaning when necessary. Wool, synthetic fibers, or a combination of both are the best choices because the materials can easily be cleaned when needed and are durable enough to handle the high traffic. Finding the right runner and fit for your staircase takes some measuring and choosing on your part. Use the internet to determine what the market contains as far as carpet runners goes before making a final purchase. Look for companies that offer a guarantee if their product does meet the quality they are promising.


Source by Dessie Campbell

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