Cleaning should not be a chore, but a convenience, especially if you have a lively family or roommates. However, not all vacuums are created equally and some just are so hard to lift or move around that it is more like a marathon than a quick house-cleaning tool. That is why I bought the Dyson DC25 vacuum.

I have never been a big fan of canister vacuums, and find it hard to find a reliable upright; but my new machine has changed all that. As an upright, the Dyson gives me quick and reliable cleaning without overexerting myself unnecessarily with excess weight and a cumbersome vacuum size. In fact, even cleaning up after my long-haired cat has been much easier.

So, what else makes the Dyson DC25 so convenient? Well, it is compact and easy to store. In fact, it is so beneficial around my home that I have to give lend to friends until they get their own. Have a look at these features:

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easy to maneuver
doesn’t strain your body
picks up even the most stubborn dirt and hair
filters the air as it cleans
has incredibly powerful suction for such a small vacuum
does stairs easily
reaches deep into flooring and upholstery
reaches high to dust off blinds and drapes
My days of straining my back have gone, though I still have to vacuum. However, vacuuming has become very convenient and quick. I can reach around and over things without having to lift the machine. That is why I highly recommend the Dyson DC25. Best of all, you can store it away in a small space and take it with you on RV trips or even to the cabin. What an amazing deal for such a small price!


Source by Bobby Miller

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