With any type of extensive carpeting job, there will be remnants. Most people may consider carpet remnants as trash, but if you want to stretch your dollar there are a great many uses for this excess material. In addition to using them to make rugs, welcome mats, and stair runners, there are several other creative ideas that will bring a great deal of value.


If you are constantly annoyed at your noisy washer or dryer, try putting some scraps underneath those appliances. Those frustrating thumping sounds will very likely be a thing of the past. You can also put pieces of material between your washer and dryer to catch socks, rags, or anything else that may fall between them. Simply pull out the strip when you drop something and the article will come with it.

Pet Uses

If your dog stays outside often, you can keep him dry during unexpected rainfall by weatherproofing his doghouse. Nail a piece of material over the entrance and you’ll have a ready-made rain flap. You can also add scraps to the inside so that he’ll stay warmer during the winter. Also, if your cat continually scratches the sofa, carpet remnants make great scratching posts. Just staple some scraps to a board or post, add another board at the bottom as a base, and then put it close to the couch.

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Keep Floors Dry and Free of Scratches

If you have indoor plants, put some scraps underneath them to absorb any excess water and protect your floor. You can also glue small circles of material to your chair and table legs to keep them from scratching your vinyl or wood floors.

Protect Shelves and Tools

Line your kitchen shelves with carpet remnants and you’ll no longer have to deal with clattering noises when you put away your pots and pans. If you have a workshop and the floor is made of a hard material such as concrete, just put some strips of material on the part of the floor that is closest to the workbench. If tools or containers should fall, they’ll be less likely to break.

Garden Uses

If you put scraps upside down and cover them with straw or bark mulch, you’ll have a garden path that will remain free of weeds. You can even use smaller pieces of material around your vegetable garden as mulch.

Shine Your Shoes

Get a block of wood and use epoxy resin to glue a small strip of material and you’ll have your own homemade shoe buffer. This approach also works great for cleaning window screens and wiping blackboards.

The uses for carpet remnants are only limited to your imagination; whatever you do, don’t throw them away.


Source by Andrew Stratton

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