Having hardwood floors in their home is something that most people just dream of. Hardwood floors are a high end finish that really makes the home look and feel nice. There are many advantages to having hardwoods such as the fact that they look nice and that they are somewhat easy to clean. There are, however, some disadvantages to having hardwood floors as well. If you are looking into buying a home with hardwood floors or if you already have them then there are some things that you should really know about them that make them a lot of work.

The first disadvantage of hardwood surfaces is that over time they will become dull and lose their luster. This happens when there is a lot of traffic on the floors and when they are exposed to a lot of natural light. There is really not much you can do in order to prevent this change from taking place. It is recommended that you protect the floors by treating them with a wood treatment every so often. If they get to the point where they have totally lost their luster then you can have them stained again so that they get back their original shine.

Another disadvantage of having hardwood surfaces is that they are easily damaged. If you accidentally drop or drag something on them you are almost certainly going to leave a scratch or a gouge in the wood. If this does happen there is really no way to fix it as the unsightly marks are permanent. Having a gouge in your hardwood floors can make a whole room look bad is this type of imperfection is generally very visible to the people that are in the room. The best thing to do if a hardwood floor does become gouged is call in a professional to try and repair it. The process that they will do is quite lengthy and can be very expensive.

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Lastly, hardwood surfaces can become really dirty, really easily. Though they are fairly easy to clean with a good vacuum, you may find yourself working on them a couple times a day just to keep them looking nice. Hardwood floors show more dust and dirt than a regular carpeted floor does. The dust and dirt is really visible to anyone that is walking by or sitting in a room with hardwoods. Each time a person walks in the room they will almost certainly track something in that simply sets on the floor until it is cleaned up. The constant cleaning that is required is a pain for the owners.


Source by Christopher B John

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