Discount carpet tiles are one of the most unique, effective and affordable flooring styles available. Modular carpet tiles and squares are used in offices, restaurants, commercial buildings, homes, daycares, schools, and churches. If you can find carpet tile on sale at a discounted price it can make a project become very inexpensive and lower the project’s overall budget. There are four types of discounted carpet tiles and squares. These types are called Promotionals, Overruns, Seconds (also called off goods), and Closeouts.

Promotional carpet tiles are made by the manufacturers’ to test the water with a new product, new color, new pattern, or a new size. These are often distributed to carpet dealers for a short time period or even used in the commercial contract market for a few specific jobs. When the manufacturer decides they are done with the product, the carpet tiles are sold at a heavy discount to carpet retailers. This can translate into a significant discount to the consumer as well.

Overruns are when a manufacturer overproduces carpet tile and increases it’s inventory. There are several reasons why this happens, bad forecasting, large order cancellations etc. The carpet square manufacturer has to unload this inventory quickly, so the carpet retailers buy these large lots of overruns at a savings. The nice thing is that overruns are almost always first quality.

Seconds and off goods present a huge savings opportunity on a floor-covering project. Seconds have defects that prevent them from being sold as first quality. These defects can be as simple as cosmetic defects. The defect could be that the tile is slightly off color, a skewed pattern, or slight “lines” in the carpet itself. A major defect would be a problem with the backing. Defects in color, pattern etc, do not affect installation or the wear factor of the tiles and modular squares. If you can find a deal on seconds and off goods, you can save up to 70% sometimes. Try to stay away from carpet tile seconds that have issues with the backing peeling away from the primary carpet surface.

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Closeouts in carpet squares and tile are a fun way to save money and be creative. Many retailers and wholesalers end up with small lots of carpet tiles. They may have bought small lots or sold almost all of a product and have just a little left. When these lots get to around 200 square feet or more it becomes harder to move them because there is not enough of the product to do multiple rooms using this single color or pattern. Closeouts can be deeply discounted. How you can take advantage of these closeouts is to consider using 2 or 3 of these patterns to make a unique look in a room. You can do this by creating patterns, such as checkerboards, contemporary layouts, multiple color patterns etc. Not only will you save a tremendous amount of cash, but your room will look like it has been custom designed. This method of using multiple colors of modular carpet tiles has become very popular recently and featured on several Home and Garden TV cable shows.


Source by Eric M Dyer

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