Think you have to pay an arm and a leg for quality? That may be the case with most things in life, but that’s definitely not the case with high quality laminate. You can get your laminates on the cheap – you just have to be savvy with how you buy.

Now, you probably already know that you can save on high quality laminate if you wait for sales, promos, and the like. What you may not know is that those are not your only options for saving money. The truth is, laminate retailers can offer you a wide range of styles, degrees, patters, and most importantly, price range. The trick is knowing how to stop, where, and when to sniff out the best flooring for your spending.

So, how do you get the best for less? Here are two ways.

1. Buy in Bulk. This is one of the most basic lessons a shopper needs to learn – the more of one thing you buy, the cheaper its price per unit. This is because retailers love to move out large quantities of stocks so they can make room for more. Also, it helps them get rid of old inventory, which would otherwise simply just gather dust in the stockroom. For this reason, they will often give you exceptional deals on your order rather than risk leaving the laminates sitting in some dusty corner of the stockroom, waiting for an order that may never come.

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2. Look out for promotions. When manufacturers introduce new products to the market, retailers usually throw promotional sales for two reasons: to give the new product more attention or to make space for the new items. Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity by signing up for mailing or phone alerts. Online and offline retailers can notify you when a sale will occur.

As with any purchase you make, ask for the warranty that comes with your discount laminate flooring. Many retailers offer protection against damage and defect, even for bulk purchases. Happy hunting!


Source by Jean Harrelson Wade

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