Your carpet has seen better days. Your latest experiment in a steam cleaner rental didn’t remove all of the stains and discoloration. You’ve discovered real, physical damage and maybe even a few tears in your carpet. Do you need to rip out the old carpet and start all over again, or is there an alternative to carpet replacement?

Obviously, repair is preferable to replacement. Carpet is expensive and the price associated with professional installation is often very expensive also adding to the carpet and padding itself. Making your floors lovely is a real investment. Can you really hope to rejuvenate your carpet when cleaning has failed?

In many cases, you can. A professional carpet repair company may be able to save your dirty, torn carpet. You’ll have great-looking carpeting again at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Carpet cleaning may not remove every stain. Even so-called “stain-proof” or “stain-resistant” carpets can suffer from discoloration that even professional cleaners can’t handle. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be staring at that cherry cobbler or grease stain until you finally break down and replace the carpeting, though. Don’t confuse carpet cleaning (whether professional or do-it-yourself) with actual repair. There’s an important distinction between the two.

Carpet repair experts can resolve problems cleaners can’t. They can isolate the problem areas, carefully remove them, and replace them with new pieces of carpeting. They know exactly how to perform this carpet magic without leaving even a hint that anything was ever wrong. You won’t see a seam. In fact, you won’t be able to spot the repaired area.

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A qualified carpet repair company can also patch holes or tears in your existing carpeting. They know all of the tricks for patching and otherwise restoring your carpet to new condition–even when traditional cleaners and your own instincts may tell you that it’s beyond repair.

The key to determining if you need to replace your carpet or if you can get results from carpet repair is discussing the situation with the right person. You don’t want to take the advice of a carpet cleaner or a carpet salesperson. Instead, you’ll want to locate someone who truly specializes in repair. They’ll be able to assess accurately the condition of your carpet and the potential to solve your problems without resorting to carpet replacement.

Don’t give up your carpet. It may not look great today, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be as good as new tomorrow. Carpet repair experts can repair tears and make dirty, discolored areas of your carpet disappear. Don’t make a massive investment in new carpet and installation without first seeking out and discussing your situation with a professional.


Source by Kal Gutman

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