Have you ever thought of the idea of using carpet remnants for an inexpensive way to give your home a new and fresh look? Well, carpet remnants are left over pieces of carpet from large rolls that the carpet is put on when it is manufactured. Since there is little that stores can do with these small pieces, they usually sell them at a very good price.

Carpet remnants make great rugs to put in front of your entry doors. Simply use a very sharp pair of scissors or a box cutter to cut a rectangular shape around the size of any regular rug. Carpet remnants may even be better than rugs because they are thick and they absorb rain and snow from feet that enter your home. They are great in an entry hall or mud room where people take their shoes or boots off although if your remnant is in a light color you may be better of with a washable rug.

You can use them at any place in your home where you would use a rug, such as in front of your kitchen sink. Sometimes they are used underneath heavy objects to move them like refrigerators or washing machines. The rug piece makes it much easier to drag the object across the floor. Another use is to cut small squares to place under the legs of furniture. This will also make these pieces easy to move and will protect your floor at the same time.

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If you are the creative type, you can take squares of carpet remnants and glue them together to make a large rug. You will need a base to set the squares on, such as a piece of carpet padding. Arrange the squares first before you begin to glue so you can see if you like the arrangement before it is permanent!

Carpet squares are often used in schools for pre-schoolers or young children to sit on for story time. Each child can be given their own square or rectangle that can be stored in a crate or box for this occasion. They are great for anyone to stand on who is required to be on their feet for most of the day because they will help eliminate back and foot pain.

Using remnants is great for the environment as well. Instead of ending up in a garbage dump, the remnants can provide many useful jobs because they are new, durable carpet that really should not go to waste!


Source by Owen Coleman

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