Indoor outdoor carpeting has many areas that it can be used in, both indoors and out as the title suggests. Patios and small outdoor breakfast areas are enhanced greatly with the indoor outdoor carpet. You can go as rustic or as elegant as you want with this type of carpet, believe it or not. The low pile makes this carpet easy to clean and less likely to harbor allergens.

In basements the carpet is great because it gives added cushioning to a floor that is normally hard as cement (pun intended) because it is cement. Padding underneath the carpet can make this floor a real delight for kids to play on. Their knees are protected as they move around on the floor learning to walk or playing with their toys.

Outside on the patio the carpeting can be washed off with a spray nozzle on the hose and left to dry naturally. This makes it so convenient to clean up after a little girl’s tea party or an outdoor birthday party.

Indoor outdoor carpet is made in various colors with prints that mimic more expensive carpets, even the oriental carpet styles. You can accent a room, cover up an ugly floor, or add cushioning to a floor that is very hard.

The outdoors is increasingly becoming an important part of our homes. Outdoor hearths and furniture are the perfect relaxation areas in the comfort and privacy of your own back yard. Pools, spas and hot tubs provide a personal luxury. With an indoor outdoor carpet, you can lay the perfect foundation and finishing touches for your outdoor spaces. Creating your own spa is not difficult in your own back yard or patio. The carpeting can be as luxurious as a Roman or Persian print with the convenience of the easy to care for indoor outdoor carpeting.

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Another idea is creating a play area outside for your kids by laying down the indoor outdoor carpet in a hop scotch pattern, or with race lines for racing hot wheel cars. The ideas are endless. The area will be easy to keep clean because the low pile of the carpet does not hold dirt or debris. A quick run with the vacuum or a wash with the hose makes the end of the day clean up a snap.

Just imagine your porch or patio being the envy of the neighborhood because of your carpet. Indoor outdoor carpet offers you the opportunity to indulge your sense of fashion in an unconventional way. Indoor outdoor carpets come in several layered or capped patterns that combine fabrics and colors that are ideal for adding the personal touch to your design ideas.

Many manufacturers offer warranties on their carpets and are well worth looking into when the carpet is going to be used in a high traffic area or has a lot of use from pets. Indoor outdoor carpeting can add the room outdoors that indoors just doesn’t have.


Source by Allen Taigom

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