Carpet prices depend upon several factors- quality, room size, designs and installation charges. Prices are calculated per square yard and typically range between $10 and $15 for simple carpets. However, those who want to buy good quality designer carpets should be prepared to pay $30 or more. Extra padding would cost you more although it would be worth the investment.

Carpet prices can also be compared on the basis of carpet pile, which refers to the fibre density used while weaving. A higher pile density implies higher manufacturing cost as it necessitates the inclusion of many kinds of raw materials. Other factors influencing carpet prices include discounted prices offered by certain retailers, carpet material as well as shipping expenses.

Synthetic carpets typically cost less than natural ones primarily because it is impossible to mass-produce natural fibers. In addition, they have been found to be much more durable and stain resistant. This is one of the main reasons why synthetic carpets are used extensively for residential and commercial purposes. Room size too, plays an important part in determining the cost of a carpet. Pricing is calculated per square foot, and a larger room requires a bigger carpet.

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Wall-to-wall carpets need additional square feet capacity as opposed to area rugs. An area rug is made out of residual carpet components, and is available in different sizes. A typical rug size ranges between 0.6 meters by 0.9 meters to 3.7 meters by 5.5 meters.

Meanwhile the installation of carpets differs from shops to shops. Many retailers prefer to include installation cost in the total price. But others choose to impose extra charges for installing a new carpet and getting rid of the older one. Normally, area rugs do not require professional intervention and can be installed easily by the buyers. However, large-sized rugs are better handled by professionals as they need to be installed properly.

Buying carpets though the internet is also a great option. Placing the order online can be a sensible move by buyers because the task of installing floors is normally subcontracted to a third party service provider. Certain websites also include shipping charges the total price to simplify the process. However, those would prefer to touch and feel a carpet before buying one can always make the purchase in retail stores.


Source by Jay Bablestone

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