When carpeting or re-carpeting your home or office, keeping the price to a minimum is always a concern. Finding discount remnants is one way to keep the price of carpeting down. There may be a misconception about carpet remnants, which seems to mean to some people a lesser value of carpet. This is not always the case. In many ways, carpet remnants can be just as good quality as brand new carpet.

Knowing what you’re getting is important when searching for discount remnants. So knowing how this excess carpeting comes to be is important. Remnants, in simple terms, are left over carpet. But don’t let the term “left over” lead you to believe they’re not valuable. There are several ways remnants are created and in almost all ways the carpet is just as good as when it came from the carpet mill.

One such way is straight from the carpet manufacturer. Many times carpet mills will cut off excess ends of the carpet; some times as much as 30 extra feet. The reason is to make sure the ends are well formed. This left over carpet is often sold to carpet warehouses for discount prices, thus passing these savings on to you! The other ways remnants are created are from excess left after carpeting jobs. In these cases, the installers often offload the remnants again to local warehouses. The main thing to consider here is that, although these are remnants, they are just as good of quality as the carpet they were cut from. Often times, such as with large corporate office re-carpeting jobs, this carpet is of high quality and extremely durable; making it great for basements or recreation rooms.

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Now here are the keys to finding discount carpet remnants. Be patient and check as many carpet warehouses as possible. When my family recently carpeted our basement, we called around to all local carpet retailers and warehouses and simply asked them if they had carpet remnants in the desired width (12 feet) we were looking for. We then visited each one of them and found the perfect carpet. We got some high quality olefin carpet which covered our entire basement. We found the price for remnants to be significantly cheaper than the same carpet if ordered directly.


Source by Jay Bablestone

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