Now in no time you can get your new floors that are made of wood. You can do this just by installing floating wood flooring. It is not that difficult, you can install it on your own without having any kind of professional help.

The traditional wood floorings require to be nailed but it is not the case with these floors. These floors only require you to snap them together or just to glue them. One more thing about these floating wood flooring is that they don’t require any special type of material to be put on. Now here are some of the instructions that will lead you to install your floating wood flooring.

In order to install this type of a flooring you should have a wood blade, planks, duct tape, glue, foam and a wood blade with you. Having all these things with you, you can now install the wood floor.

prior to starting the installation you should calculate the area on which you want your wood flooring to be installed. Most importantly you should determine the direction in which you wish to apply the flooring. Normally you should run the planks parallel or lengthwise along the wall which is longest in length.

After that you should have to calculate the number of planks that would be required by you once you have measured the width in accordance with the length. You should trim the castings of all the doors after the calculation of the area. It is important to trim out the castings on all the doorways. The floating wood flooring needs to slide beneath the doors so you should do this in the right way. You can perform all this process in a best way by making use of foam and some piece of the flooring.

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Once you have vacuumed the room, you can now lay the foam on it. You should cover the entire room with the help of a single foam layer and once you are done you should seal the seams by using the duct tape.

First of all you should stick the planks on the sides and you should start with the ridged end next to your walls. After that the planks should be laid on the entire floor that is remaining. Things that should be kept in mind while installing the wood flooring are that before you place any new plank, on the sides you should place some spacer and also that all the lengths should be less than or equal to 8 inches in size.

You should measure all the gaps carefully while installing on the last course. It is necessary to measure all the gaps as the floating wood flooring is required to cover the ends and the portion that is under your doorways. In order to fit the scratches of the doorways you should cut the respective plank. You should use some wood blade that is sharp enough to cut the planks and this will also make your job easy.


Source by Dickson Yan

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