Area rugs are more than simple floor coverings. They are a common design choice that can make a significant impact on any room, and they also add comfort and warmth to a room. Indeed, there are even functional reasons to use area rugs, one example of which is to direct traffic flow. Ultimately, they come in a wide range of fabrics, patterns, and sizes so they make a versatile and effective solution for any room. In this guide, we’ll discuss a few basic planning decisions as well as some of the other elements that you should consider when choosing area rug for your home.

A Bit of Background

Before you start shopping, you should take some time to consider your needs. You should consider the space and how the rug will work in the room. You should choose a size that’s a good fit for the room and furniture, and you want colours and patterns that blend with your room’s design. Moreover, area rugs should be paired with a rug pad to ensure the quality and placement.


Area rugs may be made from either natural or synthetic fibres which influence the look, feel, and durability. Depending on the style of rug you prefer as well as the room, you’ll want to carefully select a rug with appropriate fibres. So let’s take a closer look at natural and synthetic rug fibres. Some common natural fibres are cotton, wool, and leather, while synthetic fibres include nylon, and polyester.

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Cotton rugs are very common and they are available in an impressive variety of colours and patterns. They are soft, durable, and perform well in many different rooms. In fact, cotton is a great choice because it is a strong and durable fibre that is also very attractive and comfortable.


Soft and durable, wool area rugs maintain their appearance over time. They are resistant to stains as they repel dirt and liquids.


Leather rugs are easy to maintain and provide a uniquely layered look and feel.


Nylon are great for high traffic areas as they are durable and stain resistant. Easy to clean and requiring little maintenance, they also make a good choice for children or pet rooms.


Polyester is soft and warm but also easy to clean and maintain. Their silk-like look and feel makes them an elegant but durable choice.


Another consideration to make is the pattern or style. Fortunately, area rugs feature a wide range of styles and patterns. Indeed, if you can imagine a pattern, you can probably find a rug to match. From rugs with your favourite sport’s team logo to intricately woven patterns, area rugs can easily fit any room.


Finally, remember to consider the size. Your rug needs to be proportionate to floor space, but you also want to think about furniture placement when choosing a rug.


Source by Alex Pupkin

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