One of the most important parts of a newly constructed basement is its floor. But sometimes, thinking about which type of flooring is the most suitable for your basement is pretty much confusing. That is why for trying to find help are trying to know the different options that you have for basement flooring, this would definitely save you from a lot of trouble. Flooring for basements is always depending on the situation in which the basement is located. It also depends on your preference or how you want it to be.

First you have to consider a factor that would affect the type of flooring that you would choose for your basement. Basements are located underground so that means it is prone to moisture and moisture as the number one enemy of different types of basement flooring. So this means that you have to check your basement if it has a moisture barrier installed underneath the floor. The moisture barrier underneath the concrete would protect the floor from moisture. If you have this installed in your basement then you would have a much more wide option or choices for basement flooring.

There is a simple method of determining if you have a moisture barrier in your basement floor. Get some plastic bags and leave them down on the different areas are spots in your floor. Make sure that they are spread properly on the floor and you should probably take it down so that it won’t move out of place. Leave it there for about a couple of days or more and come back and checked as the plastic bags becomes wet on the side that is facing the floor. If it is not wet, then you have a lot of basement flooring options that are available for you now. You could use any of the following basement flooring types:

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– Carpet is not the most ideal choice but it is pretty much popular whenever there are basement renovations. This is because carpet is much softer and much more durable than any flooring.

– Laminate flooring is another option they could use. Laminate flooring is probably one of the cheapest basements flooring type. It uses a hardwood core and a resin and layer that look like hardwood floor or vinyl. This type of flooring needs to be installed on basement floors that have zero moisture because it might destroy it.

– Ceramic tile floors are perhaps one of the best options that you have if you want to install a floor for your basement. However, because of its properties, it is much colder when you walk on it on your barefoot. But other than that, it is the most effective basement flooring that you could ever find.

These are just some of the flooring options that you have. You have the power to choose from many of the existing flooring for basements as long as it’s suitable for you all and it suits your preferences.


Source by Daniel Lanback

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