Carpet tiles were once thought of as cheap and ugly looking forms of carpet. That is no longer the case today, in fact they are now being used in some of the most high end places due to their versatility. The modular carpet tiles can be used to create unique designs and creating a custom room without paying the price it would typically cost to have a room such as this.

The price range for modular carpets varies quite a bit depending upon what kind you get. While you can spend a tremendous amount of money on some of the tiles specifically designed to handle high traffic areas, you can find great carpet tiles at economical prices ranging around $1 per square. If you compare this to the cost of traditional carpet, you will find that the price difference isn’t that great and you get some outstanding benefits by going with the modular carpet tiles.

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The obvious benefit is the ability to create your own custom design. With the wide variety of tiles available on the market today you can find patterns that fit your particular style and create your own custom design. They could not be easier to install making the the perfect DIY project for anyone.

Another great benefit of these tiles is the ability to replace the modules that become damaged beyond repair. The damaged modules can be removed and replaced with new tiles while the rest of the floor remains untouched. This benefit alone makes giving the modular tiles a second look for any room you are thinking about putting carpet in.


Source by Josh Bryant

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