Frieze carpet, made up of thick, independent carpet fibers that move in different directions to help hide prints, stains and other messes on your carpet has the look of the best shag carpeting of the 70’s. In fact, Frieze carpet is often mistaken for shag carpet. You remember Shag carpet, that thick, long messy looking decorative carpet popular in the 1970s. Frieze carpet looks like shag because it also has an unruly look. However, modern technology and shorter fibers and coils make frieze a much better carpet choice than traditional shag carpets.

Frieze carpet tufts have a high twist count. Carpet fibers are twisted to create that shaggy look and to increase durability. This also allows the carpet to fibers to move in different directions. Frieze carpet has a high twist rate. Like many trends from past times, frieze carpet is gaining popularity especially for high volume areas. Its unique look also makes it a popular choice as area rugs against fine hardwood floors.

Frieze carpets incredible durability make is a logical choice for many home owners. It also hides blemishes and wear and tear well making it look like new for a long time. Frieze carpet, usually made of thick wool, can withstand the foot wear of heavily trafficked areas. Carpet experts often recommend frieze or shag carpeting for commercial areas due to high traffic volume. The unique manufacturing process of Frieze carpets allows it to hide the crushing and wear that heave use can cause.

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The legendary durability of a Frieze carpets is an attractive feature to families with children and pets because it hides blemishes and dirt that can be tracked into the home. The short curly fibers that move in different directions sort of swirl together to hide the dirt that’s underneath. While this will hide the dirt, it means that you have to be all the more vigilant about vacuuming your rug regularly. This hidden dirt could age your carpet quickly if left unattended.

The one disadvantage to frieze carpeting is that it can be expensive than non-textured carpets. Non-textured carpets are manufactured differently and generally aren’t considered to be as durable as frieze carpeting. Their short cut pile shows wear and dirt more quickly and in general aren’t as durable. While the higher price can hurt initially, the long term investment is well worth it

Carpet absorbs a lot of noise and reduces echoing. It adds a cozy atmosphere to any room. Carpet also acts as a thermal insulator keeping rooms cool in summer and warm in winter. This can help you save money on heating and cooling bills, which is always an advantage. Carpet provides another surface for sitting, relaxing and enjoying a room.

When choosing your new carpet, be sure to take a look at Frieze carpet, a long-term, cost effective uniquely attractive option for homeowners.


Source by Richard Fatooh

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