In new construction garages, garage floor coverings are all the rave. Although one might think of paint as the most obvious solution, there are many floor covering options available for consideration. When you are making the decision about the look and feel you want for your floor, pause to reflect on the reasons paint may be out shined by a floor covering. In this article we will discuss a variety of garage floor coverings available to you outside the standard painted floor.

Garage Floor Coverings Are Easy To Install

There are mats available in sizes for both the entire garage or for smaller contained areas. The mats that are used in specific areas of the garage are called garage compartment mats since they do only cover one actual compartment. The garage floor mats, rather they cover the entire floor or just one or a few compartments, are easy to install compared to tile or paint. For the entire floor one would simply cut the mats down to the proper size. Although compartment mats cannot usually be cut, they come in a variety of sizes and can be snapped together to form a liquid proof seal or even stacked upon each other. If one had the inclination to cover the entire floor with the compartment mats it could be done, but at a cost considerably higher than the approximately $100 for a paint kit. Keep in mind also that the compartment mats move easily, regardless of many manufacturers claims to the contrary, and car tires cause them to bunch and bend.

Garage Floor Coverings Are More Easily Replaced

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Replacements of coverings are also a lot simpler. With and epoxy garage floor coating, replacement could include sanding down to the concrete when you have stains or other damages. Replacing a mat is as easy as throwing it in the trash or even recycling it; however this can prove to be an expensive route. Manufacturers for both mats and paint kits claim they are stain proof and can not be easily damaged as a means to justify their costs. Depending on availability of colors, if your tiles are not to faded, or if you kept extras of the original lot, tiles are easily replaced.

Garage Floor Coverings Are Pleasantly Squishy

In comparison to a bare concrete garage floor, epoxy paint is probably a lot nicer to walk around on, which is what they advertise. However, compared to floor coverings that are made of thick rubber, epoxy will probably feel like concrete. This also applies if you are laying or sitting down to work on a car. The ideal solution would be a comfy mat on top of a painted floor but, again, money is often the limiting factor.

Could You Afford A Garage Floor Covering

Without doubt epoxy paint is a very cheap route. If you are feeling up to the task of a labor intensive job and your lower back can survive it, epoxy paint is the way to go. If, however, you have to pay someone to do this for you consider that the benefits of the mat will be worth the extra cost in the end, especially with no installation costs involved


Source by Anthony J Davis

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