There are no similar homes in every community. This is the great truth that every home loving person attests to. As they say “Home is where the Heart Is”, and truly so because every home is close to the heart of each and everyone. This is the reason why every responsible homeowner will try to keep his or her home in good shape for the whole family. Home makers know the importance of regular maintenance of a home because a home can be so vulnerable to deterioration if left unattended or abused.

To avoid home deterioration and costly repairs, it is best to have a regular home maintenance schedule. This schedule can be annually or seasonal. But whatever method you choose, the important thing is that you should be diligent enough to perform the tasks regularly. Once you are at it for quite some time you will find that the job is not so difficult at all to do.

You can start by inspecting your home first, and come up with a list of things that you have discovered that need to done. You can give priority to items that need major attention, and as you go along add to your list those items that need further attention.

Once you have already listed the maintenance jobs, you can make a schedule of activities for the jobs and give it a timeframe. It is a good advice to put this schedule on a calendar that has a one year display feature. Better still get an electronic calendar that comes with an alert function which can help you be on your track with the scheduled maintenance.

For your guide, you can use this list of tasks that you can perform annually:

• Check the alarms in the home and change their batteries.

• Chimney should regularly be checked and inspected

• Rid the gutters and down spouts of debris and other clogging elements

• Check for soil erosions around the house and see to it that the water is draining in the proper path toward the sewers.

• Look for cracks along the foundation and check if there are water marks; be alert of termite invasion.

• Give the pathways and driveways a thorough inspection and see if there are cracks or damages and erosion on the soil.

• Check the windows; look for some signs of drafts; make sure that the stripping is in good condition.

• Check the screens and glass panes for cracks and breakage. Make the necessary repairs or replacements if needed.

• Inspect the sprinklers; check for damage on the heads or leakage, and replace if needed.

• Trim the overgrowths on the landscape, and make sure that water is draining properly along its route; also be wary of insect infestation, etc.

• Clear the outer area of the air conditioning system of leaves and other debris.

• Check the plumbing system and drainage; Do the necessary repairs on the faulty pieces.

• Do not leave out the septic tank system; ascertain the sludge and scum level, and get the necessary servicing for it.

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Your home maintenance schedule will entirely depend upon the kind of home you have, some homes require lesser maintenance and some need numerous tasks to keep it in good condition. But no matter what kind of maintenance that your home needs, the important thing is that you should endeavor yourself to do this chores regularly on a yearly basis.

One sure way of losing your home prematurely is to neglect to give it a proper maintenance regularly.


Source by Flynna Sarah Molina

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