It’s nice to have soft and fluffy carpet in some of the rooms in the home, but for heavier traffic areas, like the hallways or around the doors, you may need something more heavy duty that can handle the large amounts of traffic it’s going to have to deal with. Anything that’s too weak or not up to the task will be worn out in just a year or two, making an expensive replacement necessary. For the heaviest traffic, there are two excellent materials that can be used to make carpet, that are able to withstand all the footwear they need.

The one that’s usually easier to find is called seagrass, which is grown in eastern Asia. It’s an underwater weed, technically, but the plant fibers are so strong that, once woven into carpet, it makes a layer that is practically indestructible. Another benefit to seagrass carpet is that it is naturally resistant to staining, though this also means that it’s resistant to dyes as well, so it’s only available in natural, neutral colors. But it will stay good for years, no doubt about that.

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Seagrass can be bought in rolls of carpet, but if you’re looking for the ultimate doormat, sisal carpet may be what you want instead. Sisal is grown in southern Mexico, and it’s even stronger than seagrass. It’s so dense that it typically comes with a latex matting holding it together, rather than the standard fabric one, as the carpet can easily tear otherwise. So if you have a latex allergy it’s probably not for you. It’s also a little more expensive, and so is usually only available in mat form, rather than full carpet. But there is, literally, nothing stronger you could put on your floor.

Seagrass and sisal will both last a long time and protect your floor from damage and wear. They are excellent investments for the home.


Source by Philip Buuck

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