There are many different carpet care tips available all over the internet, but you’ll discover that not all of them are particularly effective. The best carpet care methods are the ones that help you to maintain carpet cleanliness and to lengthen its life.

Basically, heat helps. Steam cleaning is definitely much better than dry cleaning. Utilize steam cleaning for carpet care because hot water extraction lingers around 150 to 200 degrees. Chemical reactivity is most effective when it’s higher than 118 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to treat your carpet yourself, the best thing that you can do is to apply heat.

When cleaning your carpet, you need to consider three factors. First of them is heat, the second is dwell time and the last one is agitation. Basically, if to some extent you fail to utilize the full potential of one factor, you can use the other factors to make up for it. An example of this is that if you fail to get a cleaning solution that is strong enough, then you can opt for letting it dwell longer and then you can scrub harder than usual.

When cleaning the carpet yourself, it is best that you utilize a portable machine. Try to get the water to the hottest temperature that you can. When drying, use fans to make things quick and easier.

You also need to consider that detergents usually attract dirt. Thus, the importance of rinsing out is critical. You must completely rinse out cleaning solutions. The whole point is that thorough rinsing is a must. You should not take this factor lightly because it can adversely affect your carpet.

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When it comes to stains, using a shop-vac can be helpful. It does not work by simply sucking the stain out, but it helps you to wash and rinse the area repeatedly. It sucks out the solution every time you use it. This is more effective compared to blotting up stains with a cloth. You will usually be impatient to wash and rinse. You will also get tired of simply using cloth or paper towels. Thus, a shop-vac can be a very reliable tool to help pick up stains.

Another effective tip for carpet care is to place rugs inside and outside your home’s front door. It helps in catching dirt that people usually bring in through their shoes, sandals, slippers, boots, etc. If you are not inclined to want to do this, then it is a highly advisable practice to take off your shoes when inside your home.

These are just some of the proven effective carpet care methods that you can utilize at home. Applying them will help you to get good results and extend your carpet’s life. Remember the easiest and most cost effective way to clean your carpet is to call a Tampa carpet cleaner. A Tampa carpet cleaning professional will always be the best option.


Source by David M Reed

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