Vacuuming removes the surface dirt whereas steam cleaning deep cleanse and removes deeply embedded dirt in carpets. Stubborn stains along with allergens hiding in-between the carpet fibers are also removed by the cleaning action of the high heat from the steam together with the detergent. One of the popular carpet steam cleaners for household use is the Hoover SteamVac range, for example, Hoover SteamVac Clean Surge or the Hoover SteamVac all Terrain.

Besides deep cleaning carpets, it comes with special additional tools for rugs steam cleaning, upholstery, and hard floor steam cleaning, in other words, whole house cleaning. Its five spinning brushes gently scrub deep into the carpet fibers to loosen and dislodge the dirt and grime for easy removal through the suction nozzle, together with the dirty water. With two separate water tanks for clean and dirty water, an eight feet long hose and a wide nozzle, cleaning is more efficient and time-saving.

Controlling both the temperature of the steam and the amount of steam that comes out is important for more appropriate and more efficient cleaning of different surfaces. Less steam is needed for carpets whereas tiles and grout cleaning requires a higher steam temperature. The variable speed of the five cleaning brushes is useful when cleaning low or high traffic areas. Being able to control the speed of the brushes and the temperature of the steam results in more efficient cleaning.

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Adding to all these benefits is the clean surge feature. This special feature works by spraying additional cleaning solution onto tough and stubborn stains by just conveniently pressing a button on the handle. The extra detergent together with the Hoover SpinScrub brushes, the multiple brush system with the five self-adjusting brushes produce outstanding, cleaning performance.

An additional side benefit of using a Hoover Steamvac carpet cleaner machine is the sanitation of the floor or carpet. The high temperature of the steam kills off the bacteria and germs, leaving behind a cleaner, germ-free and dust-free floor.


Source by Karen Li

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