There are several obstacles that realtors often have to confront when showing properties to potential buyers. Unusual paint colors, outdated appliances, and cluttered living spaces rank high on the list of things that deter buyers. But one of the biggest obstacles are dirty carpets. Soiled and stained carpets make it difficult for a potential buyer to envision purchasing the home. Fortunately, you can do something about this problem. Whether you’re a homeowner or a real estate professional, remember that cleaning the carpets can make a big difference in how quickly the house sells. Here are some of the reasons why you should clean the carpets before you sell your home.

Cleaning is Less Costly

Cleaning your carpet is far less costly than replacing it. Many home buyers will choose to replace the carpet or re-finish the floors once they purchase the house anyway, so replacing the carpet at your expense is often a waste of time and money. Having your carpets cleaned can restore their appearance and make them more presentable to potential buyers, at less cost to yourself. This small investment can go a long way towards making your home the perfect package.

Increase Appeal

Dirty carpets are extremely unappealing, particularly to homebuyers. The carpet fills a large portion of the space, and can have an effect on how your entire home is presented. Most real estate agents agree that potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves in your home. Whenever the living space is dirty or stained, buyers are turned off and unable to make a connection with your home. Even if you don’t think the carpets are that bad, keep in mind that potential home buyers are looking for any possible flaws with a critical eye.

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Decrease Odors

If you smoke or have a pet, you may not even notice an odor in your carpet. Unfortunately, pet and smoke odors can cause some potential buyers to turn around and never come back. Even strong cooking odors can be a major turnoff for a buyer. Attempting to mask the odor with air freshener can actually make it much worse. Deep cleaning and deodorizing is necessary to remove these types of odors from your carpet.

Professional Deep Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet keeps your home looking fresh and well maintained. Professional carpet cleaning can remove any odors and restore the appearance of your carpet. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional to have your carpets deep cleaned before you put your house on the market.


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