Many people have considered hiring a cleaning company to come in and clean all of their carpets. A question that comes up is, what type of cleaning do they use? And which would be the most effective? The majority of commercial cleaning companies will use one of the following methods; Carpet Shampoo, Carpet Absorbent, or Carbonated Cleaning. All of these cleaning methods work very well and will leave your carpet looking brand new; the difference is in the details. This article is going to explain some of the differences and benefits of these methods.

A very popular method used by many companies is the Shampoo methods. This technique utilizes a shampoo to break up the dirt and dry it in the foam created. The foam is the set to dry and be vacuumed up leaving the carpet looking brand new. There are some downfalls to this though; one being that the carpet takes a very long time to dry. If you have kids or lots of traffic through the area you are looking to have cleaned, a dry method might be preferred.

One type of dry carpet cleaning is Carpet Absorbent Cleaners. This method uses a mixture of solvent, detergent and a small amount of water to cover the carpet and break up dirt. Because of the very small amount of water used, the carpet stays very dry. The mixture is then worked into the carpet to get a deep clean, and then vacuumed up to remove all of the loose dirt and cleaning mixture.

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Another less common type of carpet cleaning is the Bonnet Method, or Carbonated Cleaning. This technique utilizes a solution very similar to hard wood floor cleaning. Once the solution is placed on the carpets, a machine uses pads to soak up and scrub the carpet. This method is not used very often because it can result in damaged fibers in the carpet, and also will leave a lot of cleaning solution and residue behind because it is not actually vacuumed up.

Most commercial cleaning companies will have their own preferred method of cleaning your carpets. If you are worried about potential damage or anything at all be sure to communicate with them so you can choose the right service for your home. There are many different companies to choose from, so shop around to find the best fit for your needs.


Source by Charles Remeikas

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