Choosing just the right commercial carpet means keeping certain facts and considerations in mind. Commercial carpets are mainly used for businesses and organizations, so let’s take a look at the factors that impact the needs of businesses.


The two most significant needs of businesses are durability and lasting performance. Commercial carpets have to endure a high amount of traffic, so before choosing the product, you should calculate how much traffic you are going to get. You will have to pick a more durable and more stain-resistant carpet for higher traffic areas. The more money you spend in advance on the quality, the longer the carpet’s life will be. Purchasing a high-quality product will be a long-lasting investment.

Carpet Type & Quality

The type and quality of carpet will vary depending on the nature of business. It might be necessary for some businesses to buy carpets that are pleasing to look at and comfortable to walk on. For example, the comfort and visual appearance of commercial carpets will get a higher priority in a doctor’s waiting room than in a simple business office.


Like most other products, the quality, durability, and beauty of a carpet will depend on the amount of money spent on it. First, then, you should estimate your budget for this purchase. Try to find a balance between the quality you want and the amount you want to spend. It is natural that carpets will be one of the most used furnishings of your office. You may need to determine the number of years you want the carpet to last and look good and then modify your budget accordingly.

Type of Yarn

Different types of carpets have different types of yarns, and the type of yarn helps to determine the durability of the products. Tufted carpet is very suitable for places where the amount of traffic is high. It has a woven backing perforated through and stuck to another plastic-made backing. On the other hand, nylon-made carpets can not only endure high traffic, but are also stain-resistant for those areas where they are likely to get dirty and wet. In comparison, olefin yarn is less expensive and softer, but not suitable for high foot traffic. To make the best choice, always identify the needs of your business and decide which yarn type serves the level of foot traffic the carpet will be expected to handle.

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Know the Exact Measurement

To select your commercial carpet, you will also need to know the exact measurement of the area where it will be placed. Measure carefully to determine the proper dimensions of the space, and then purchase the correct amount. Just keep in mind that you can always trim it to fit if you buy a little bit more than necessary, but it cannot be stretched to cover extra space if you purchase too little.

Consider Maintenance Requirements & Replacement Cost

The maintenance requirements and the replacement cost are other two important factors to consider in choosing the right carpet. You should ask the dealer about the maintenance requirements to avoid unexpected damage. In addition, knowing about the cost of replacement is also necessary in order to plan for future expenses.

Most important, remember that choosing the right commercial carpet requires emphasis on durability and quality. These variables should always come prior to style and looks.


Source by Victor R Patel

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