In the last couple of decades, blinds (especially aluminum blinds) have become the go-to window treatment for homes and offices. While curtains are still popular, aluminum blinds offer contemporary style and functionality that make them the preferred choice for homeowners. Not only are aluminum blinds more practical, they are easier to maintain; still, not everybody understands how to clean aluminum blinds. Nevertheless, blinds are easy to clean and maintain and with little more than a bucket of soapy water and a rag, you can restore your blinds to like-new.

In order to maintain your blinds and avoid making an easy job difficult, regular cleaning is crucial. If you clean your blinds as a matter of regular maintenance, the task is much quicker so make sure to regularly dust your blinds and you’ll keep them in better condition while also avoiding the need for heavy cleaning. Aluminum blinds can be dusted while they’re still hanging, and most people will find that dusting their blinds at least monthly will help to prevent dirt from building up. Simply close your blinds all the way and use a feather duster or dry cloth to wipe dust free; then turn your blinds closed in the opposite direction to dust the opposite side.

Micro fibre cloths are a great alternative to feather dusters when it comes to cleaning aluminum blinds as they utilize static electricity to pick up dust. Similarly, you can wear a cotton glove or sock to wipe individual slats of your blinds; this technique often is more thorough than using a duster. Another alternative to dusting is the use of a vacuum cleaner. Many household vacuums include an attachment that makes cleaning blinds much easier. This small brush attachment will loosen debris from your blinds allowing the vacuum to suck the dust away.

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Beyond dusting, your blinds will need to be cleaned with some kind of solvent at least once or twice a year. Soapy, warm water is sufficient but some people prefer rubbing alcohol and water or vinegar and water for aluminum blinds; however, alcohol and vinegar are not recommended for painted or wooden blinds as these substances may remove the finish. Nevertheless, whichever cleaning solution you use, you’ll just need to dip a rag into the cleaner and then wring it dry. Next, you’ll clean each slat on your aluminum blinds making sure to frequently rinse your rag. Often, this cleaning procedure can also be done while your blinds are hung.

Still, sometimes blinds are so heavily soiled that they may need to be soaked before cleaning. In this case, you’ll have to take your blinds down and leave them submerged in warm, soapy water for several hours. Next, you can hang your blinds from a clothesline or another external structure and rinse them with a hose. This will often remove all the dirt and grime, but you may also need to wipe the blinds as well. After rinsing, leave your blinds outdoors to hang to dry completely before reinstalling them.


Source by Alex Pupkin

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