Keeping a house clean often means using a lot of time, talent, and effort. If you are fortunate enough to own linoleum flooring, then those three things can often be cut in half.

What is Linoleum

Discovered accidentally and re-created by Frederick Walton in the mid to late 1800’s, linoleum is one of the most widely used flooring products around the world. Made famous for it durability and functionality, linoleum comes in an enormous array of colors, patterns, and textures.

Many people find the product appealing for various reasons, but mostly for its cost efficiency. Generally priced from $.80 to $3.00 per square foot, linoleum offers homeowners and builders a low cost alternative to tiles, stone, and carpeting.

How to Clean Linoleum

Because linoleum is made of organic materials such as linseed oil and cork dust, cleaning the product typically requires only mild cleaning solutions and minimal effort by its owners. When a deeper clean is needed, materials and work required are a little more heavy duty, but this doesn’t happen often, as linoleum tends to remain blemish free with routine maintenance and care.

For Daily Care

1. Using a dust mop or broom, sweep the entire floor to remove debris and dust.

2. Once the floor has been prepped, fill your mop bucket with hot, soapy water and agitate the water with your mop. This helps loosen already stuck on debris from your mop and helps mix your solution.

3. Take out your mop, wring it out well, then mop the entire floor starting at the farthest point and working your way backwards to the room’s exit.

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4. As you mop, be sure to move chairs, tables, etc., so areas with the most spills can be cleaned effectively.

5. In areas of high traffic, be sure to remove scuffmarks and spills as soon as possible so they don’t have time to stain the linoleum.

6. Scuffmarks are easily removed by firmly rubbing a tennis ball over the mark.

For Deep Cleaning

As with any floor covering, there are always times when a more thorough cleaning will be needed to maintain the beauty of your linoleum. Thankfully, linoleum’s stain resistance and durability make this project rare and fairly simple to complete.

1. Remove all furniture and moveable items out of the room you are cleaning.

2. Complete all of the above steps for daily care of your linoleum floor.

3. Once you have done a basic clean, make sure you have ample ventilation and start by filling a clean mop bucket with hot water and 1 cup of ammonia. You may also use a store bought wax stripper, but this isn’t always necessary.

4. Mop the entire floor, let dry, then mop once more and let dry.

5. After drying has completed, apply a universal or specifically designed floor wax and let dry.

How to Keep Your Linoleum Clean

After you have refinished your linoleum floor, keeping it clean should be carefree for quite some time. Simply spot clean for spills, footprints, and scuffmarks daily, then do a general clean at least once every two weeks.


Source by Grace McLellan

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